Mocking a QB to the Detroit Lions is lazy

Firstly, this is not discounting that Malik Willis (or Kenny Pickett) is or will be a bad QB in the NFL. In fact, I think that Malik Willis can be a top QB if he falls to a team with a proper coaching staff and with adequate weapons around him. He is an exciting prospect, but raw. He will be 23 years old in his first NFL game, and hasn’t really solidified himself as the QB1 in a draft class that lacks high-end talent in his position. In my opinion, he would be a fantastic 2nd-round project with incredible upside, however not worthy of the #2 pick.

The Detroit Lions have glaring holes in their defense. There is a desperate need for an elite pass-rusher. Unfortunately, this draft is missing a Bosa or Myles Garrett or Chase Young. Hutchinson/Thibodeaux/Walker are great but not elite talents. However, whether it be any of those three, the Lions will get a much needed improvement to their defense as compared to drafting a QB that may or may not be better than the one they have. If I thought that Kyle Hamilton was the next Ed Reed, then I would support him being drafted to the Lions, yet I don’t see that. An EDGE rusher is the only position the Lions can draft at #2 that will make sense.

Now, trading down makes the most sense. Loading up on draft capital in a class that lacks high-end talent but is deemed to have a pool of good talent is a fan’s wet dream. If the Lions move down, I would look for guys like S Kyle Hamilton, DT Jordan Davis, or EDGE Jermaine Johnson. I think all three of these guys will be day 1 starters for the Lions, while the organization also has more draft capital to build this team.

Malik Willis is a “We’re a QB away from being great” type pick. If he ends up in Pittsburgh or Washington, I think he’s going to be great. Pittsburgh has great weapons for him, and he can sit behind a serviceable Trubisky for a year or two. Washington traded for Carson Wentz who is nothing more than a bridge QB. They have a great defense, good weapons on offense, but are missing a QB to take them over the edge in an otherwise weak NFC East.

In the end, please stop mocking a QB to the Lions. If they do indeed draft Malik Willis, then I’ll tip my cap to the lazy bloggers, but he better be a top-5 QB for that not to be the beginning of the end of the Holmes/Campbell era.