Brain Dead Local Sports Media (Inner Monologue vol. 5)

After the 2019 NFL Draft, all of the arm chair draft experts and Facebook general managers emerged out of their caves to create chaos. Don’t get me wrong, the draft could’ve been a lot prettier. Personally, I think this is a make or break draft for Bob Quinn. Regardless, I’m not going to act like I’ve scouted these kids for hundreds of hours. I’ve scouted them for a couple hours making my own mock drafts, but I’m not the expert. I pick who I want and who I think is best for the team. I picked Brian Burns to be a Lion, but I’m not upset with Hockenson. I picked Greedy in the second, but I’m not upset with the Tavai pick, just scratching my head a little bit.

Too many times I’ve seen, “But no tightend should be picked that high” or “No linebackers are good from the second round historically” or “Ebron didn’t work” or “We have no idea who that player is”. There is a reason you’re at home drinking beer and watching the games on TV and not in the front office, and I’m very glad that’s the way it is. You have to understand that you’re kind of a dumbass sometimes. I am as well, I own it. But I’m not going to be ignorant like saying Tavai won’t be good because I don’t know who he is. I didn’t know Kamara real well coming out of the draft two years ago, I didn’t know Darius Leonard last year, and this year I don’t know Tavai. Am I going to judge him based on that? No, I’m going to go watch his film and base my decision off that. I’m not going to listen to dumbasses on the radio or the paper tell me this was a reach because they have no damn clue. These “grades” on the draft have to do with made up mock drafts. No the Lions didn’t draft a guard. They picked one up after the draft. No they didnt grab a tackle, oh wait, they did, after the draft. They drafted a running back in the sixth round. I’m certain that no matter what the Lions did in the draft, people would still find a way to bitch about something, because that’s what Lions fans do, bitch.

Lastly, how the hell does anyone know how these players will end up in the NFL? If Tavai or Hock don’t work out, then fire Bob Quinn and hire me. I’m okay with that. Regardless, let’s put the bottle down, sober up a little bit, and stop bitching in April. We’ll have no idea until September. Thank you, god bless.


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